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Ballogie Weather is a personal weather station, set up in February 2008 with the intention of collecting and sharing weather data from this beautiful part of Northeast Scotland close to Aboyne in Aberdeenshire.

Location - Latitude N 57 º 02' 13" Longitude W 02º 43' 26" Altitude 680ft.

Davis unit image

The station itself is automatic and requires very little maintenance, made by Davis we are hoping it will last for many years, the unit is positioned in a relatively open aspect with only slight wind disruption from the North/Northeast, the anemometer is at a height of only 6 feet; this is intentional in order to record wind conditions that we feel.

The data obtained is automatically recorded and uploaded via the internet at regular intervals; however as we are on the limits for broadband this can sometimes be a bit unreliable (problems of this kind are usually posted on Twitter).

Unfortunatly the rain guage failed in September 2015 and (due to a lack of finances) has yet to be replaced.

One of the best and most reliable sites to view the regular data uploads is that at Weather Underground, here you will also find that you are able to download any data that you require.


For a local forecast using data from this station - click.

For a more personal forecast, comments and news please use the Twitter link.

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